Monday, January 20, 2014

Challenge Accepted: Satisfaction

Eeek! So I've already "fallen off the wagon" so-to-speak with my blog. But, I suppose I'm not the only one who hasn't kept my New Year's Resolutions 100%. So what do we do now? Here's my plan. I'm going to stand back up, dust off my shoulders, and move on. Who cares if I slipped? I'm the only one holding myself accountable. Everyone else appreciates who I was last year, and they'll still appreciate the same old me this year. But I do want to change. I want to change for me. So I "forgive myself" and start again. Tomorrow I'll be putting together the video from the last challenge, so stay "tuned" (can I say that if this isn't TV?) for that video.

And that brings me to this week's challenge:

Back in the 90's when my little sister was falling in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas (I was just a little too old for that crush), there was a woman also turning a few heads. Do you remember Heidi from "Home Improvement"?

Girls and tools are sexy, right!? Well, a few years later, I was introduced to the wonderful music video "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi, who is the inspiration for this week's challenge:

Show how sexy women can be, playing with a "boy toy"

A boy toy can be anything from a tool stereotypically used by a man to something that reminds you of that special man in your life. For me specifically, my "boy toy" won't be anything particularly masculine, but makes me smile when I think about my own personal "Scuba Steve." <3


Submission Guidelines
This week will be another compilation, so with the music video as your inspiration, post a link to your video in the comments. There is no guidance with regards to time, but do remember the goal here is sexy, not slutty ;) And don't forget that bright red lipstick!

Deadline: Noon, Saturday Jan 25, HST

Looking forward to seeing all your amazing creations! Happy poling :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Challenge Accepted - "Happy!"

Along with a happy new year comes our first challenge: "Happy!" If you haven't yet heard about Pharrell's 24-hour music video, it is this fantastic project he put together based on his song, "Happy." He and his crew filmed people all over L.A., dancing to the tune, the strung them together into a single, 24-hour music video. It is an incredible work of art, and a whole love of fun! Each hour-long segment has been posted onto YouTube, and I think we pole ladies can put together a video response to this that would be an awesome collaboration from our community. So this week's challenge:

Put together a 30-second clip of you dancing to the song "Happy"

It's that simple! My personal goal with this is to make an entire hour-long video, so if you want to put together multiple segments, please feel free to do so! And bonus points for "minion"-inspired attire :)

The official music video (minions included)
The 24-hour project

Submission Guidelines
Since I can't actually download videos you post to YouTube, you'll need to upload your video to DropBox, then post the public link in the comments on this blog. If you have trouble with that, let me know in the comments, and we'll work out a way to ensure you are included in this project!

Deadline: Noon, Saturday Jan 11, HST

Looking forward to seeing all your amazing creations! HAPPY poling :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year! Already a day behind the curve, I want to go ahead and revive this blog this year, and tonight I want to tell you about my goals for the blog. It's not just about me; I have a few different ways for YOU to get involved. I will be selecting different moves I want to learn, different songs I want to choreograph to, videos I love, upcoming events, product reviews...everything you could want in a pole dancing blog and more!

Beginning this Sunday, I'll start every week with a post entitled "Challenge Accepted!" in which I will offer a new challenge for all you lovely dancers to join me in completing. One winner will be selected each week for various PRIZES.

"Monday Makeover" posts will be anything from hair to nails to makeup. Some weeks, I will post all three, and sometimes, well, we all have our good weeks and our busy weeks, don't we!? Generally speaking, I will try to fit the makeover posts to the challenge of the week. Can't wait to see you ladies trying out these looks with me!

On Tuesdays, you can expect to see a post entitled "Toughen Up". This will offer either a sexy strength or flexibility move that can be done with a pole, a chair, or some other enticing bit of equipment, and will be to help you train on your own. I encourage you to post your improvement throughout the week, whether it's number of reps, time holding position, range of flexibility...remind yourself that you're growing!

"Whatever Wednesdays" will kind of be a mashup post of my cross-training, my photography, upcoming events and whatever else I feel like sharing with the world that doesn't fit into the other posts. Oh no, not having a plan can sometimes be dangerous! Let's see if anything wacky finds its way into these posts.

"Thinking Thursdays" are set aside for the mind. We don't just want to get our bodies in shape, we want to stimulate those brains! 

"Friday Foodie" posts will have details about my menu plan for the week as well as links to awesome recipes. I will also be posting my weight right here for everyone to see. I currently have nearly 50 lbs I want to lose, and my goal is to use this as an accountability tracker. It will also give me a reminder that after all the junk food on Saturday (my cheat day), I should spend some time Sunday taking care of myself.

And Saturday is my day away, to just do what I want to do, so you probably won't hear from me on Saturdays. You should take some time for yourself as well.

That about sums it up. Looking forward to sharing with you. One more thing before you leave, please post your favorite mixed drink! I myself am partial to the "Colorado Bulldog" - a White Russian with a splash of coke. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go tip one back now! Enjoy your evening :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I'm a Natural!

Today I went to the studio, intending to take a Bollywood dance class followed by two hula classes. Much to my dismay, the hula classes don't start for another week, but I was pleasantly surprised when I was offered the opportunity to join the "flow" workshop during the same time. We started with hoops, and as I hadn't spent any time with a hula hoop since I was a child, this was a bit difficult for me, but I got back into the swing of it without too much trouble. After the hoop intro, we had an intro into poi (explanation here). I loved it! I immediately took to every move and transition the instructor threw our way. After the brief intro, we split up so we could jam with our "dance partner" of choice. I worked for a few moments on the poi moves I had been taught then began coming up with my own combinations. Our instructor told me she had never seen someone take to them the way I had, as if I was born to spin! Maybe some day this will be me!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Happy Saturday!!

A few weeks ago I mentioned there might be more cross-training in my future. Well, my incredible boyfriend gave me the money to sign up for a one-month unlimited package at a studio I've been wanting to try, and so begins the cross-training! Wednesday, I started the morning with "belly at the barre" followed by "cymbals & veils." Today, I woke up too late to make it to the aikido class, but I did get the chance to observe the last 20 minutes, and I intend to make it a part of my regular routine as well. What I'm most excited about, though, was this afternoon's aerial silks class. The instructors, Angela and David, are the most adorable little couple, and they encouraged me to really step outside my comfort zone with both silks and acro! Despite the minor bruising inside my left thigh, I really can't wait for my next opportunity to learn from them. Here are a few pictures from my very first class!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My First Website!

Yes, I spent my Saturday evening doing homework. Sometimes responsibility bites a big one. But sometimes it can be incredibly rewarding. What it comes down to is that I finally finished writing my first website! I am taking a course in web design this semester, and while this is incredibly basic, it's a start. And given a choice, what else would I decide to write about other than pole dancing! I already have in-mind the ways I want to augment it in the future, so keep an eye out here for updates. In the meantime, check it out here!

And if you're interested in reading about my other projects for my mobile programming class, the blog can be accessed here.

Lastly, since this post is all about technology, what's your favorite techno dance song? Here's mine...enjoy!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nerd Fitness

Today I want to give a shout-out to my new favorite fitness website, Nerd Fitness! I just joined the community, and I feel this is a great way to get myself more well-rounded...and less round! I will be logging my fitness and nutrition on their site, with a goal of getting down to 150 lbs or 20% body fat. I'm not 100% sure of where I am at the moment, but ultimately this means losing about 30 lbs or 15% body fat.

I also thought I would leave you with another photo to show just how awesome I am! Thanks to Jacob Elliott Photography for this one. It comes from a yoga-themed photoshoot, and although I have absolutely zero interest in yoga, my pole dancing flexibility translated nicely! Maybe there is more cross-training in my future!